Saturday, August 31, 2013


3 is my favorite number. And I think it is lucky, and auspicious, and amazing, and awesome. So, as I am turning 33 (two 3's - double happiness perhaps?) I figured it only makes sense to follow through with the 3's by recognizing 33 awesome birthday things. Here they are:
  1. Running with friends
  2. Rallying the troops to raise funds for Lila May
  3. Fancy new running outfit from Maria
  4. Mac & cheese pizza
  5. homemade cupcakes from Katia
  6. Helping I'd Hit That's achieve their first undefeated season! 
  7. Spending the day hanging out with Nacho and doing all of his favorite things
  8. Lobster tacos at Shore Club
  9. Green tea froyo from Yogurtland
  10. Birthday massage from Chris
  11. Handmade bed by Chris
  12. Red velvet pop-tarts
  13. A birthday box from mom with 33 birthday treats
  14. Running 187 stinking miles this month!
  15. Completed half marathon #10
  16. Running with Jhanna for her first half marathon race
  17. Visiting Crater Lake with my family
  18. Being invited to a trail FULL marathon (is this a good idea??)
  19. Getting egg tarts at SFO
  20. Trying new cupcake places
  21. Research got approved by the district! 
  22. Signed up to do a triathlon
  23. Bought a dragon
  24. Took in some amazing sunsets
  25. Started coaching cross country
  26. Ran in new places
  27. Refreshed my resume
  28. Fast & Furious marathon
  29. Got to give baby Hendrix a squeeze for the first time
  30. Enjoyed the last month off school
  31. Started my last block for my dissertation
  32. Revived the Birthday List
  33. Completed a big chunk of wedding planning
Some pretty awesome things are set to take place in this, my 33rd year, and I CANNOT wait for what the future holds!

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