Sunday, January 4, 2009

Finally updated pictures

Apparently I started this email back on August 6th and never sent it. Oops. Since I went to all the trouble of putting the pics up, I thought I would share now. Hope you all had a great holiday.


Original Message:

Since I have way too much free time now and nothing really constructive to spend it on, I decided to update my pictures. They are a bit old as all the pics from May and June never made it online okay. Browse at your discression... they will stay online for at least 6 months. Enjoy!
Japan Pics
July - week spent in Tokyo, Kyoto, and surrounding area

China Pics
June - last days in Pingxiang, Yangtze cruise, and travels with Heather

May - trip to Beijing for the marathon on the Great Wall (they are all up there finally)